Information Regarding Trusted Dealer Repairs

For those of you who were sent to our site by a trusted dealer for after sales service, for warranty repair only that the TD is covering, please use the link the TD provided in order to initiate service. Please do not use our main form at the bottom of our home page, doing so will result in you being billed for the repair instead of the trusted dealer. The TD will provide you with a link that looks something like {}. You will know you are on the right page / form as the TD's information will be populated at the top of the page.

Keep in mind that this only applies to customers who bought from a TD that uses our service for after sales support and only when the repair was agreed upon and the link to our form was provided to you by the TD. Note that this typically only applies to the time period immediately after purchase, usually between a week and a month of delivery date depending on your TD. Also note that we have absolutely no say in, nor do we get involved in any capacity with the dialog between you and your TD regarding repair; If you believe your TD should be covering repair you must take that up with them. That said, not all TD's offer this option but if your TD does not, have no fear, we can help you directly; Simply use the form on our home page at Get Started. Finally, while we repair watches for customers globally, the information above typically only applies to customers based in the USA as we do not have international agreements with any TD's as of yet.

Thank you!