We Service All Replica Watches!

Every week we answer a variation of this one question: "Do you service my...". The answer is yes. YES. Si. Oui. Ja. Sim. Ken. :) We service all makes and models. All movements. All combinations or replica and gen parts, including the most lowly sub rep to the most decked out franken. If it's a watch, we service it.

I'll dive a bit into what we don't service but please understand, given our free inspection service, it is almost always prudent to ship your watch in for inspection for a definitive answer to that famous question. That said, there are certain rep crystals that we can not get. Often times decorated bridges are difficult or impossible to get; The saving grace here is they are typically not needed for repair. Add-on modules are hard to come by; Though we have come up with solutions for many of these. Destro parts are hard to come by. DLC / PVD parts are also very difficult to find. Pushers and logo'd crowns are also difficult and sometimes impossible to find; The more obscure the watch and watches that the part is not an exact match to the gen, both in finish and in construct, are by far the hardest. Age of your rep also plays a part as to parts availability; In most cases we can find a suitable alternative should parts be unobtainable.

Now for the good news. Most watches sent in are done so due to movement issues. There are parts available for nearly every rep movement on the market. This makes repair of a large majority of replicas possible. The second saving grace is that we have come up with solutions and have adapted parts and services that help us to repair a large majority of issues that otherwise would not be serviceable. With a complete metal shop, we have the capability to manufacturer parts that otherwise would not be obtainable. Likewise, we also make supporting parts, like custom movement rings, which aid us in upgrading and retrofitting your watch, should a repair option not exist or is impractical.

When in doubt, send it in for a FREE inspection. Click to Get Started...