Inbound Shipping - Do you have my package yet?

We receive dozens of emails weekly asking if we have received a particular package. Answering these and similar status emails consumes a good deal of time; So much so that we now have to do something regarding this issue. We are in the process of implementing a barcode system to work alongside our current tracking system. The new barcode system will allow us to scan an inbound package, which will automatically update the status system. It will also allow us to scan the service request form when any other status update is needed, eliminating countless hours of data entry that plagued our current method.

In the meantime, we ask that you be patient with status requests. That said, repeated requests will result in your watch being returned to you. We receive 40-60 watches a week on average and this is a two person shop. It goes without saying that we are usually inundated with necessary communication needs, and we are overburdened with unneeded communication requests. Our goal at RWR is to turn watches as quickly as possible. Everything outside of the actual repair is of second priority around here. This is not by design but rather by circumstance. Until such time as we can expand our staff, this is the way it must be.

Most who have used our service know Amy, our incredible, handle everything, office manager, shipping coordinator, email liaison, problem solver, get this / do that, monkey in the middle of this shit show we call a watch repair shop. And I mean that in the nicest way; About us and her. The truth is she is over worked, under paid, and taken for granted more than she is recognized for her contributions around here. And I hate saying this (and I hate starting a sentence with "and") but every single week there are a select few customers that are relentless in their badgering of Amy through email. She has a lot to do and when she slows down, we slow down, it's that simple. I can not have her devote half the day to answering emails. We cannot afford to loose Amy and neither can you, think about that.

So again, I ask that you be patient with status requests and if you can help it, let the packages come in without being micromanaged. If you are the type of person that can't handle that, we might not be the shop for you. For those stats junkies, we had (1) package go missing last year, (1) that showed up empty and (0) that were lost to customs. We received just over 2800 packages last year (2016). So again, repeated requests for "is my package there yet" are not needed, as unless you are one of those two unlucky SOB's from last year, yes, it is more than likely here!

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