The Replica Forums and RWR

I wanted to touch a bit on the replica watch forums, their importance, our take on them, and our relationships with them. First off, we answer several questions a week regarding where to find a TD (trusted dealer) as well as a question or two as to where to find rep related information. I want to start by saying that the rep site's are a great source of information regarding replica watches. From information on the latest and greatest superrep, to a good deal of participation from aspiring watchsmiths and connoisseurs alike, the forums are one stop shopping for all things replica and are not limited to just watches. Add in a vetted trusted dealer list and actual user reviews of said dealers, it's a no brainier to at least peruse. As a bonus, many of the sites have a M2M sales section which allows for purchasing; The benefits to this are numerous, from finding a watch locally (avoiding customs issues), to finding that ever perfect franken.

So if you happen to be one of our customers that have asked where to go (or read our FAQs), chances are we have pointed you to RWI. I want to preface this by saying that we have absolutely noting to do with from any business perspective; Nor any of the other replica sites at this time. It isn't by chance though that we recommend RWI. Keep in mind, the fact that we do not make direct recommendation of other rep sites should not be construed as a sign that we have an issue with, or make any judgement whatsoever toward, the other replica forums. In fact, I believe between the selection of forums there is a home for everybody interested in this hobby. Add the total sum of valuable information to the pot and each of the forums has something to offer. Not to mention that a wide variety of contributing members belong to more than one forum. Our recommendation of RWI stems from my personal experiences in dealing with the site, the admin, the members and most importantly, the site owner. I truly believe the head honcho at RWI, known btw as Trailboss, has his members best interests at heart. This is by leaps and bounds a huge incentive to users of the site, particularly those who rely on the lists of TD's (trusted dealers) and other vendors and sponsors on the site. Vetting those that take our money, often in countries that we are not in, with little communication through the process, all with a promise of some fancy dancy watch which promises to be a 1:1 of the real thing, along with a host of other seemingly unrealistic claims, offers some level of reassurance that we will in fact "get" what we've paid for. This "vetting" of TD's alone makes the forums worthwhile. I personally stay for the wealth of information and the wonderful posts about watches to come! So again, while RWI is our preference in terms of recommendations, my best and humble advice is to find a community that works for you and, if it suits you, maybe more than one.

This leads me to my next segment, why we're not forum sponsors. The short answer is, we have never pursued forum sponsorship. I have been in business in one capacity or another for the large majority of my life. I have owned an electrical contracting company, a cleaning service, a body shop, a gen watch retail sales and service storefront as well as a wholesale brand oriented service center, and a handmade organic soap company. I have also worked for my family's business, I worked as a carpenter as I paid my way through college and I worked for GE as a hardware engineer for many years. To say I have a bit of experience is a business environment is a hellofa understatement. I've learned that there is a time and a place for everything; The topic at hand not withstanding. I find that there are some serious issues with forum sponsorship, along with much good; In fact it is a double edge sword. The truth of it is, forum sponsor sections tend to be a place to bitch, errr, vent ones grievances. Coupled with the fact that there is a lot of misunderstanding of reps in general, let alone replica watch repair, and the entire thing can get out of hand pretty quick. The other side of it is manpower. There are three of us here at RWR (truthfully 2 and a half as I am not always available due to other endeavors). There is already a lot of work to do around here as it is. Having to manage a forum or two on top of our already seemingly endless communica just seems like a daunting task; At least at the present time. It is however an option that we are considering and it is one we will keep open until the timing is right.

One final thought... I know we have both good and bad feedback on the various forums. We have considered responding to these "claims" of poor service but I have decided against it; For much of the same reasons outlined above. There is a bit of truth to some of what has been said, specifically regarding a lack of communication. This has been an ongoing point of contention for us and is something we have struggled with from day one. Our current site enhancements and much of what we have implemented recently has been in an attempt to correct these deficiencies. As we progress, I hope that our ability to communicate improves steadily and that we are able to implement additional technologies and site features to help with communicating with our customers. Beyond communication issues, much of what we have read is unfounded or unavoidable. Statements regarding delays, sometimes what seem to be extremely long delays, are an unavoidable part of the rep game in some cases. In fact, I recently wrote an article regarding this exact subject, see SO... WHY CAN REP REPAIR TAKE SO DARN LONG for information regarding delays when dealing with reps and specifically rep repair. As to a couple of claims of watches gone missing, this is completely untrue. We have NEVER lost a customers watch, nor have we ever not returned a watch pertaining to a paid invoice. We have held watches due to non-payment and we have held watches due to charge-backs. This is an unfortunate aspect of being in business and while it's unavoidable in every case, we take great strides to ensure amicable terms are agreed upon when issues do arise. If there happens to be a comment or thread that is of concern to you, by all means, ask us and we will be happy to fill you in with the details.

Regardless of your forum of choice, we'd love to service your watch. Use our Get Started form to start your watch repair service request.RWR Staff