The Phone Number Topic Revisited

One of the biggest points of contention with prospective users of our service over the last 3 years has been the lack of a posted phone number. Even after 3 years in business and thousands of watches serviced, we still receive service requests with "please call" or "I want to talk to a live person"... and I get it. I'm a consumer too. I'm hoping that some insight into WHY we operate this way will help qualm any fear that our users may still harbor.

Before I dive into this topic, I want to announce our new Live Support Chat feature that was introduced today. This new feature was setup to help with this very issue, in a way in which is manageable by us. The live support chat gives you the ability to communicate with us as you desire, while limiting chat sessions to scheduled times, thereby allowing us to dedicate time for these sessions. We are hoping this will help facilitate communication with our customers and aid those who have held back from the best replica watch repair on the web due to these concerns.

So back to the topic at hand. Our lack of a posted number is for several reasons, including the following:

  1. First and foremost, we are a small operation. There are 3 of us at RWR. It is very difficult to stop what we are doing to answer random phone calls. Being able handle communication at scheduled times or, more accurately, on our timetable, allows us to operate more efficiently. Efficient operation means faster turn-around times and lower turn-around estimates.
  2. There is little we can do over the phone that we cannot do via email or chat. We can not quote over the phone. We cant quote by chat or email either. Your watch is a complicated tool and it needs to be diagnosed in person. There is no way around it. So we are left with what exactly? "Hey, how are you Bob?"... "What's the weather like down there?". Seriously, there is little we can offer verbally regarding a watch repair that we cannot answer in an email.
  3. Third, we are not always here. if you are an international customer, this may be ever more pertinent, but it applies to our customers here in the US as well. We don't keep banking hours. Heck, we don't even keep a schedule. Each of the 3 of us knows our responsibilities, what needs to be done and when and we set our own pace and schedule to accomplish the tasks at hand. One day we are all here 9-5, the next one's in a 6am, one comes in at noon and the other takes off. The next day the last one is out at midnight. It really works like that. The idea of having a live, random line ringing just doesn't fit our operation.
  4. We do call you! It is true, we call customers all the time (mainly for POOR descriptions, tisk tisk). It is not uncommon for us to give you a ring if need be. There are times when we are trying to expedite your service that, in an effort to do so, we call you.
  5. Another reason, the nature of the rep game keeps us hesitant to broadcast a number. It isn't as much a legality issue as it is one of lime light, or more accurately, staying out of it. We do not want contact details posted. We have a very specific system that works for us; From lead generation, to inbound service requests, to communicating with current, past and future clients. Adding another variable is just not in the cards right now.
  6. Finally, and this is a big one.... No telemarketers. None. Seriously, not one. Ever :)