We Are Now Offering Flex Pay

We are now offering flex pay as a payment option. Thanks to a new feature offered via PayPal we will be offering the ability to break your invoice into 5 installment payments. We will offer this convenience to all customers, however, it will only be automatically added as an option on invoices above $200. If your invoice is below $200, it will not be an option by default, but if you'd like to make installment payments, simply send an email to us and we will activate the option on your invoice.

There is no cost to use this service. By default the flex pay option will be 5 equal installments, each at 1/5 the invoice total. You can pay any dollar amount equal to or above the flex pay payment amount. You cannot make a payment of a dollar amount less than the flex pay payment amount. Once the invoice is paid in full, your watch will ship. You will receive a weekly reminder email to pay your invoice. We however are not setting a time limit for final payment. Instead we are asking users to please be diligent in their payment timing and efforts.