Current Status - Fully Operational - COVID-19 * Update 5/25


We have received numerous emails regarding whether or not we are still open and what are current turnaround times are and I figured it is about time we post an update. Some things to note:

  • We are indeed still open.
  • We have cut down to 4 days a week.
  • We are still receiving parts from China, US and other suppliers around the globe, however our inbound parts have slowed to about 50%. In January we place a triple order for 21J movements (we have aprox 200 on hand) and a double order for A2824 (near 80 on hand), A7750 (aprox 30 on hand) as well as a few others and we also ordered numerous 2824 and old stock 2836 movements (aprox 40 total on hand).
  • We currently have a parts count of well over 10k, including but not limited to hands, crowns, every internal part for 2824/36, 7750, etc.
  • We will continue to update our turnaround time (currently aprox 4 weeks) on our FAQ's page.
  • The Coronavirus has definitely slowed our service requests, we haven't been at a 4 week turnaround time in nearly 2 years, now is a great time to get your watch in!

In all seriousness, we are going to continue to keep our benches working, based on volume, as long as we can. If and when we feel there needs to be another status update, I'll post any and all changes to our status here.

Stay safe out there!

Update 3/23/2020

As of last week our cartage service has dropped one of our pick-up / drop-off days, Friday, for the next few weeks. We will only be receiving and sending packages on Tuesdays each week, for at least the next 3 weeks. Our Friday PU / DO will not be happening until at least the week of 4/12/2020. I will update as soon as we are back to our normal PU / DO schedule. Please note that this will equate to a slightly longer delay in packages being checked into our system. If your package shows as delivered via a tracking number, understand that it may be over the typical week to be logged into our system. This depends greatly on the day that it is dropped off. This should not affect our overall turnaround time, which is still at 4 weeks currently. I'd suggest standard Priority or First Class Package services for all inbound shipments, as expedited services are a waste of money given that there will be an inevitable delay arriving at our office.

Update 5/25/2020

We will resume pick-up / drop-off 2 days a week starting the week of 6/5/2020. We will be back to our normal Tuesday's and Friday's from that point forward. Also, while we are still at about 4 weeks turnaround, we are slowly ramping back up. At the current rate we will be at the 5 week out mark by the end of June.

On a side note, during the lock-down we installed a new 2HP variable speed buffer / brush machine that has a (6) 12" buff capacity (allowing for 6 inches across of buff surface) and a (4) brush capacity (allowing for up to 2 inches across of brush surface). The unit has quick change arbors and extensions, cutting the time it takes to transition through finishes. The upgrade resulted in a machine that offers more power and flexibility, allowing for quicker polishing and brush work. This new addition will bring Stage 1 costs down about 10% and will allow us to bring down Stage 2 and 3 refinishing down about 18% from current pricing. We look forward to serving your refinishing needs!

Thank you all!