Our Office Has Moved

As many of you are aware, October 15th 2017 we moved our watch repair shop from Chicago, IL to HHI, SC. It took us about a month to move and a few weeks to get settled in and rolling smoothly. As of today, 12/12/2017, we have ironed out most of the hiccups and are rolling smoothly. We do have a backlog of items that came in, some well before the move, that we are prioritizing for repair and RMA/warranty service. We will be delayed a bit from our anticipated 2-4 week turn-around but it will not be too bad. We are updating our FAQ's page, right at the top, with our anticipated turn around times at the beginning of each month. I'd guess we should be fully caught up by the end of January or so.

A couple of things to note:

  • Our metal working equipment is not fully installed yet. We have outlets that still need to be dropped to specific locations in the new facility. This will delay certain polishing and refinishing work, as well as certain milling work. We expect to have the electrical work done by the 15th of Jan. Given that this is about a month out, it shouldn't effect inbound orders for these services, as our current turn-around time is beyond that. We are also expanding that side of our business and will be offering additional finishes beyond medium fine brush work, to include fine, extra fine and medium course.
  • We have also added a full on battery replacement station, with quartz diagnosis equipment. We have offered battery swaps for a while now but with the new equipment we have the capability of diagnosing other issues with quartz movements; All of this in the hopes of lowering overall service costs versus replacing quartz movements for everything that isn't battery related.
  • We have also contracted with a coating company to do various colored coatings and we are working with them to get an acceptable DLC/PVD coating at a reasonable price. We have sent in numerous Pam cases to have various coatings applied and are testing durability as well as critiquing overall looks and performance of each coating to select our upcoming offerings.
  • Finally, for those of you who are more familiar with our operation and more particularly our staff, Amy, Artur and myself have all made the change to the new area. For me it was a move I had been planning over the last two years. Artur is a few years away from retirement and was Florida bound, and still might be, but he and his wife weren't tied to Chicago for any reason; The happily made the journey after a few vacations to the island. Amy was the hardest sell, but with the right incentives she made the trip too and is now very happy that she did.

We look forward to serving you from our new digs and hope that our current and future improvements lead to an enhanced quality of service.

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