Status - 10-23-2021

I wanted to give a quick update regarding status as of today, 10/23/2021. We just bumped from 12 weeks out to 11. While we would rather be in the 7-9 week range, our estimate is padded a bit because we are seeing a slow down in parts arrival from Asia. We have parts that used to arrive in a week or two now taking a solid month, and sometimes more, to arrive. That said we are going through incoming watches and bumping services that do not need parts ordered or services that we have parts in stock for, as well as movement swaps in an effort to beat the estimated time we have posted for many clients.

On a side note, we are back to pick-ups and drop-offs twice a week; Still Tuesday and Friday each week. Our cartage company has hired a few new people and they seem to be picking up their slack. This should lead to faster input times into our tracking system than we have seen over the last month. That said, we are leaving our 1 week message active until we are confident that our missed pick-ups are a thing of the past.

RMA QUEUE - For the few people that have an RMA and are awaiting a part/s, as above this process has been slower than normal but we're on it. As always we prioritize RMA's and we will get to you as soon as we can.

Hope all is well out there and thank you!