It's RWR's 5 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it's been 5 years? That's right, on December 7th 2014 RWR officially launched As some of you may remember, at that time we were dedicated to Pam mods and repairs; Focusing primarily on 6497 and 6498 movements. By the end of our first year we expanded our service to include all Pam's and we introduced RWR's customers up to our gen shops refinishing service. The following year we opened our doors to all replicas and we added quartz repair service through our sister company as well. Fast forward to today and we are now the largest replica repair center in the world and it's all thanks to you! We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers (and the not so wonderful ones :| ) for helping us grow into such a formidable and respected service. While we don't get the opportunity to thank everyone directly, we truly appreciate your patronage, regardless if you're a one time user or a dedicated loyalist. We are well aware that without you, we would not be here. As 2020 approaches and passes we want you to know that we are as dedicated as ever to our original mission, to bring reliable and accessible watch repair to the many fans of homage and replica watches. RWR will continue to do what we do best, bring gen quality repairs to the replica world. While we are giving thanks, we'd also like to thank the chaps over at RWI and at RWG as well as the other rep forums for continually helping the rep community and for aiding RWR and our customers. The support shown to RWR by both staff and members has not gone unrecognized and we greatly appreciate the wonderful resource you bring to the world, both as a peer and as a culmination of great information that we ourselves turn to weekly. Again, thank you everyone and happy holidays!