Our New Tracking System Is Live!

One of the things that made RWR great when replicawatchrepair.com first came online was our integrated tracking system. However, soon after we started to see a drastic increase in our service request volume, we identified several shortcomings of what we originally believed would be an excellent selling point and all around useful tool. While the original system played its role the best it could, the code behind the app was clumsy and the time required for data entry got to the point that we simply neglected it.

Fast forward to today... I'm happy to say, all of that has changed with our new tracking system 2.0! As of today, 12/14/2017, all watch repair requests will be capable of using the new system. As of around the 1st of December, returning customers may have noticed a change in the format of our customer ID's, having a new letter number combination that looks like AA 00000 A. The new system adds several tracking variables, a new entry system on our end, and a lot less manual input on our end.

Give our new watch service tracking system a try: Track Your Service Request

Quite soon in version 2.1, we will be integrating a barcode into the mix, further enhancing the systems capabilities and speeding our handling time of inbound packages.

Now would be a great time to Get Started with your watch repair!

One Important Thing To Note: We will not be migrating old codes from prior to 12/14/2017 into the new system due to the sheer volume of data entry that would be needed. We will be handling your status updates manually via email, should they be requested.