Hurricane Update: We Will Be Closed Thursday September 13th 2018 - Monday September 17th 2018

As many of you know, we were out last week attending a funeral for a close family friend. When we returned back home last weekend, we were met with an evacuation order due to hurricane Florence. A day later the evac order was lifted and we believed it would be business as usual. 2 days after that, the evac order was reinstated and since that time, we have been in a state of flux.

We have decided to shut down the shop today, 9/13/2018, through the weekend. We anticipate reopening on Monday September 17th, 2018. Our shop is not on the island but it is located in one of the counties with a mandatory evacuation order. While I do not believe the shop is in any danger as we are 30 miles from the coast and on higher ground than the surrounding areas, access to and from is questionable at best. We have decided to remove our customers watches and movable equipment out today and shut down until at least Monday the 17th. From that date, it will be dependent on the weather and current evac conditions as to when we will officially get back to business as usual, so please bear with us.

The cartage company we use to deliver our packages to the shop from our box has not made a trip since 8/31/2018 due to our absence last week and the evac orders this week. This means that there are aprox 2 weeks worth of deliveries waiting at our box. If you are not logged into our system as of yet (i.e., you can not track your status via our website) but your package shows as delivered, your package will be retrieved Friday 9/14/2018. However, it will not be logged into our system until we return to the shop. Again, please bear with us while we get back on track.

We are extending out our turnaround to aprox 6 weeks due to our prior trip and the hurricane closure. We were previously at 5 weeks, getting ready to drop to 4. We do not anticipate delays much beyond that as we were making headway and hope to continue to do so when we return. If this is an issue for anyone, feel free to let us know and we will make arrangements to have your watch returned as soon as we are able to do so.

Also, while we will have some ability to respond to emails, we will not be responding to status inquiries as the above statement covers ALL packages that are not in the system. Outside of status inquiries, we will do our best to respond as we have time.

We thank you all for your understanding and may God Bless those who are affected by this storm.

Doc, Amy and Artur