DLC / PVD Coating On Replica Watches

Physical Vapor Deposition known as PVD and DLC aka Diamond Like Carbon are two types of coating found on, but not limited to, watches. Seeing as rep manufacturers are constantly trying to appease customers with copies of the latest and greatest watches and that gen manufacturers are turning out more PVD/DLC coated watches than ever before, it is no wonder we are seeing an abundance of replica watches coated in these 2 coatings.

The questions I get all the time is whether or not these coating are any good and whether or not they are as durable as makers claim or as durable as the gen equivalent. First and foremost I'll put it out there that, though I have seen some pretty good coatings on rep watches, I have yet to see coating on a rep that was as good as a high quality genuine. What does that mean? Well for starters, don't expect $10k Rolex quality on your $500 replica. It also means that your rep probably can't be subjected to the same torture that the gen could handle. As far as the overall quality is concerned though, the latest replicas offering DLC, and to a lesser extent PVD, are actually quite good quality; Once the price point is considered. The main issue is usually just how closely the coating matches in terms of color. Though some come very close, some are very far from gen color. This doesn't mean much if you like the watch for the sake of liking the watch but purist might take issue with these variances.

One final thought... there are many services that offer aftermarket DLC coating. If you have an out of this world favorite super modded super rep with the best of everything and the only thing it needs,that you have to have, is a DLC coating to make it absolutely, positively perfect in your eyes, sending it off for this treatment is usually a painless (though costly) ordeal. Expect to spend $400-$4000 depending on desired coating and service provider... makes the coating that is available on reps that much more appealing.

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