Watch Received, Awaiting Inspection...

Watch Received, Awaiting Inspection.... How long does this take?

To reiterate a few points made in previous articles, I want to revisit this topic as, even with all the the information regarding this topic, this still comes up daily and having to deal with it seriously impedes our shop activities.

Once your watch is received your status will change from "Service Request Received, Awaiting Watch" to "Watch Received, Awaiting Inspection". This status is typically the longest waiting period you'll experience during the repair process. Usually this makes up about 75% of the time that lapses while the watch is in our possession. To get an idea of approximately how long that will be, view our FAQ's where you'll find our current turnaround times outlined monthly. Keep in mind that the time frame stated starts once your watch arrives to our facility, not when your watch arrives to our delivery address. It can take up to a week to get from the delivery address to our facility, depending on when the watch arrives at our delivery address. The repair process usually commences immediately or nearly immediately after initial inspection. If parts are needed, we will email status at that time. If there is any other status other than repairable, we will convey that information at that time.

So why this reiteration? Simple. While we are the fastest replica repair facility in existence, we are still inundated with requests for status. Even when our clients have used the automated system, many still feel the need to check in. This slows us down. Period. That includes your workorder too. Keep in mind that most of the rep repair guys out there are 4-6 months out and more. You read that right, 4 to 6 months. We are usually less that 7 weeks average, with peak times around 9 weeks out. This is 1/2 to 1/3 industry average. So, as I've asked before, Give Us A Break and let us do what we do best.

As always, your time is appreciated, thank you!