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  1. What's the typical turn around for a watch repair?
    As of 6/15/2024 current turn around is about 15 weeks. This estimate is accurate from the date of your watches arrival to our shop, not the date you ship your watch.
    Please note that we rely on third party vendors for parts; Out of stock items are out of our control and may extend repair/mod time. We do our best to communicate issues such as these. Also, rep specific parts like add-on modules, engraved bridges and branded dials are near impossible to get in the US and we typically have to source replacements from China; This can add considerably to the time a repair takes.

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  2. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and payments via PayPal. We will accept USPS money orders (no other money orders accepted) in lieu of a credit card or PayPal payment for those without a credit card and/or without a PayPal account.

    Payment must be made and verified before your watch is returned to you. In most cases, we will invoice you after the work on your watch is complete. In situations where parts are custom ordered or are non-returnable, we will invoice you when the parts are ordered. Once your watch is complete and payment is made, a tracking number will be emailed to you.

  3. How should I ship my watch to you?
    1. First and foremost, use a box with adequate padding / bubble wrap to ship your watch in; Do not use a padded envelope or soft sided mailer as these do not offer enough protection. Do not ship in a watch box as these typically do not offer enough protection and they add significantly to the weight of the package which increases shipping costs. Excess packaging, including watch boxes, will be disposed of on arrival.
    2. Make sure to use enough packing material (bubble wrap works the best). Also make sure that it is at least double layered around your watch and ensure the entire box is filled with either additional bubble wrap, or other packing material, even old newspaper, to minimize the watch moving around the inside of the box.
    3. We prefer that you use the United States Postal Service or your countries Post Office when shipping your watch to us, however using UPS, FedEx or DHL will get the watch to us just fine.
    4. Regardless of carrier, please choose a method that offers tracking; We take no responsibility for watches lost in transit.
    5. The USPS Small Flat Rate Box using Priority service is probably the most cost effective method of shipping your watch to us.
    6. Depending on your assessed value of your watch, you may want to add additional insurance in case your package is lost or damaged in transit. We take no responsibility for packages shipped uninsured or under insured, regardless of reason of dispute, including but not limited to loss of package, damage of contents, etc. Please keep this in mind when deciding to save a buck or two on shipping.

    Packages sent requiring a signature on delivery, either due to purchasing signature confirmation or for insurance dollar amounts that require a signature, may be delayed due to our pick-up service having to be at the post office during business hours to retrieve the package.

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  4. Do you accept international repair orders?
    We accept international watch repair orders from around the globe. When using our online service request form, use 00000 in the zip code field. We ship to the address entered into the payment gateway and you will be able to enter your complete international address, including your zip/post code into our payment system when paying your invoice.

    Keep in mind that, while repairing replica watches isn't against the law in the United States, US Customs does not differentiate between watches that are being sent for repair and those entering the country illegally; Regardless of purpose or destination. Though only a small percentage of packages are stopped / held / confiscated by customs, there is always a risk that this may happen to your package and if it does, there is no guarantee (in fact, it is highly unlikely) that the watch will be returned to you/us. It is usually best to source a local repair center if at all possible. That said, we receive several international orders each month and usually do not have an issue.

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  5. What method of calibration do you use?
    We use either an MTG-1000 or an MTG-3000 Timegrapher. If requested, a video of test results can be emailed to you confirming the accuracy of your watch.

  6. What method of water resistance testing do you use?
    We use a Bergeon 555/98 and a 5555/10 waterproof tester. These testers are capable of testing to 6 and 10 ATM respectively. Keep in mind that every watch is different. We always attempt to achieve the highest rating on your watch as we can but every watch has its limits. When your watch leaves, it will meet a minimum of 3 ATM which is adequate basic water resistance. If a watch can not be serviced to at least 3 ATM, there is no charge for the waterproofing portion of your order, other than return shipping if waterproofing was the only service requested. Most reps are capable of at least 5 ATM, good enough for swimming.

  7. Are you affiliated with any forums?
    We are currently not affiliated with any replica or homage forums. We do sometime browse various forums and we fully support the efforts of the members of these forums. We find them to be a great resource and I advise anyone truly interested in replica watches, homage watches and watch modifications to utilize the wealth of information available to them via these great sites. If you are looking for information regarding replica's, we personally prefer the chaps over at RWI, where you'll find a good deal of enthusiasts and the forum is administered and moderated buy a good group of guys.

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  8. Can I drop my watch off if I'm local?
    We do not accept drop offs. Please refer to "How should I ship my watch to you" above for details on how to get your watch to us.

  9. Can I contact you by phone?
    All contact is via email. For spam prevention an email address is not posted on our site. To send us a message you must use the Contact form (top right corner of every page) for questions.

    The lack of a posted phone number is due to A) the nature of the replica business and B) limiting contact to email and scheduled live support allows us the ability to allocate time specifically for communication, freeing up would/could be random phone time for actual work. We may from time to time call a customer if the need arises.

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  10. Where are you located?
    Update 11/27/2017: We are no longer located in Chicago, IL, our new repair facility is in Hilton Head, SC and our mailing address as of 12/14/2017 is in Port Wentworth, GA.

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  11. I'm having trouble filling out your form, can you help?
    Yes! We recently implemented new anti-spam techniques to thwart bot spam. As such some users may experience issues when filling out our form. This is usually a result of using auto-fill to fill our the service request form.

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