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Our Process - Recap Of A Previous Post

Here we are in June 2024, nearly 10 years after we started servicing replica watches, building what is now the largest service center for replicas in the world and yet we still have process related issues and questions come up on a regular basis. I'll first note that, between our FAQ's and our Articles, all questions have already been answered. Little has changed since the blog was started, short of a few internal processes, some software and a bit of hardware. That said, a few things seem to need to be reiterated, so I will do that here and now.

First is email communication. We do not reply to status requests via email. If you think you are being ignored after asking for status, you'd be correct. Our email server filters keywords related to status requests. You will receive two auto generated courtesy reply messages with self service information, followed by an invoice for return shipping should you continue to request status via email. As always, we use an automated system for watch arrival status, use it: Status

We also use an automated system for warranty service requests. If you have an issue with a watch that we previously serviced, within the last 90 days, you do not need to contact us to start a warranty request. Use our Warranty Service Request to start warranty service. As with our Service Request form, you will receive emailed instructions for warranty service return immediately after submission.

If your watch is outside of the 90 day warranty period, please use our regular Service Request form to initiate service.

If you've returned a watch for warranty service and it is taking longer than you would expect, it is typically due to one of three reasons:

The first is that the watch requires a part that is either out of stock or hard to find. We will give it our all in these situations to complete the warranty repair in a timely manor.

The second is that the warranty return was NOT due to something we previously repaired. If you send a watch in for a stem repair and then send the watch back because your bezel doesn't line up correctly, the bezel issue IS NOT a warranty issue. All situations where a watch is sent in on a warranty ticket for an unrelated issue, different than that which was specified on the original invoice, will result in the watch being moved from our RMA queue to our regular service queue. This will result in a significantly longer than expected turnaround time.

The third and final reason would be that there is no issue with the watch. If you return a watch claiming an issue and the watch does not exhibit the issue / symptoms / problem outlined, specifically when no issue of any type related to service or to the proper operation of the watch is present, the watch will be held for 180 days. Period, no exceptions. This is a loss prevention policy. Please be sure that there is an actual issue, related to the initial service, before returning your watch for warrant service.

Another item to note is that we only service / repair what is outlined on the service ticket. We do not assume, nor do we blanket repair / service / mod watches. YOU must specify what work should be done. If you want the movement serviced and the bezel aligned and you only put "service movement" on the work order, your watch will come back with a serviced movement and a crooked bezel. Why? Because unlike our gen repair side, rep enthusiasts often use other service providers for specific items. Crystals, lume, modification, etc. It is also common with reps that people work on their own watches. We make zero assumptions as to your intentions and we expect that you convey exactly what it is that you would like us to do.

The final point of contention is watch arrival. This has been covered extensively but given the "Is it there yet" emails we receive, it is worth noting... again. If your tracking shows that you watch has been delivered, that means it is at our receiving office. That does not mean that it is at our shop and checked into our system. Watches are transported to and from our shop on Tuesday's and Friday's. Your watch is still considered in transit during this period. It will not usually be entered into our system for 7-10 days from the date your tracking shows delivered. This is due to the fact that we only have inbound and outbound transfers on Tuesday's and Friday's, travel time to the shop, time to scan and enter the appropriate data into the system and it accounts for weekends, holidays, etc. Messaging during this time will result in an automated generic response. A second request will result in a second automated generic response. Subsequent requests will result in the service request being pulled from queue and an invoice being sent to the client for return shipping.

As always we appreciate your understanding and adhering to these stipulations. They are in place to help expedite our process as a whole, which results in faster turnaround times for everyone.