Oops! - Delayed Vacation Message...

First off, Happy Holidays! I know that it's a bit belated (but there's always new years...). I accidentally forgot to post our happy holidays and vacation message on the 23rd when we left for Chicago. Needless to say we are out of the office until the 3rd of January. I figured this out after a barrage of emails regarding tracking status (that is corrected too) and I apologize.

Without further ado, we are out of the office from December 23rd through January 2nd. We will return on January 3rd. All emails and phone calls will be returned at that time. All packages that arrived to our office (not our box) by December 22nd will have been checked in (and are now trackable ;). All packages that arrived between December 23rd and January 3rd will be picked up and checked in Tuesday January 4th 2022.

Thank you all and Happy Holidays! - RWR Staff